Heading Back to Canada

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Well that first half of February swooped on by. This is true as I’m already in Taipei. Next stop Vancouver. No tears as Big and I said see you soon. This is the 2nd time where we’ve departed and didn’t shed the waterworks – which is not necessarily a bad thing. A huge grin flashes…

Thailand baby

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This blog is dedicated to my first of four Thailand trips this year. It’s day 5 of 15 and I’m over my jet lag! I used to say that the adrenaline and excitement of traveling upon arrival nixes any type of jet lag but since I’ve done this trip so many times I can no…

Not so lucky start

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Cashmere sweaters make me feel filthy luxurious, lemme just put that out there in the universe. Wrap me in all the cashmere. I probably have 4 cashmere sweaters and only wear them once every 3 months. Why? Because I don’t want them to pill like a lil bitch that’s why! Fresh Af is my motto….

Lucky 2018

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Wow oh wow, gurl oh GURL, 2018 is here and I am still queer. Happy to the Mf NEW YEAR! Yasssssss. I am currently seated at my desk at work and feeling refreshed Af. I did not go out, I did not sip any bubblys; I am sober and my mind is clear. Slay to…

Done and Dusted: 2017 Edition

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I for one am all party’d out this Holiday Season. Bring back the #familyfirst for the rest of this month. I want to be sober and solid, no more holiday drinks. Enough of the Christmas egg nog so to speak. Do you like egg nog? I’ve only ever drank it once and it’s not my…


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Does Asya really need another haircut? Well much like me I always want Asya to be fresh Af. She spent too many years being a rag doll. Literally, I was so lazy and cheap that I would groom her myself. I’ve never professed to being a hair stylist or talented with shears. Cutting hair and…

Atomic Blonde is out!

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Continuing on from the beginning of this months 1st blog, I am prepping for this huge American Thanksgiving to celebrate with my immediate family + aunts & co. Lemme break it down for ya, it is a 72 hour process. We’re celebrating on Wednesday November 22 but since I’m busy holding it down and making…

Snow in November…FML

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Let’s begin by toasting to the Halloween that just passed. My bestie and I decided that this was the year to Drag it up and we nailed it! I have to admit, the days leading up to it I wrote out a timeline of things we needed and our overall strategy but I was still…

Foodz 4 Thoughtz

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Reflection time: I was thinking the other day about the phases in my life and how I’ve grown into the man I knew someday I would become. Seemingly it all happened in the blink of several eyes. I put myself in situations where I became a public figure, I would get half naked and dance…


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As the wind blows the fog through here comes October. Just like that, the only warning being the dewy frost that appears on the bottom of my windshield as I turn on my car and get ready to drive to work; I quickly turn on the defrost controls to clear it up. The sun breaks…